Alternate title: how to not get Fucking Moderated

1: No slurs or hate speech

This includes "trap", "retard", "[x]fag", all of that. A public server is mixed company and these words can hurt people—it's not about politics, it's about consideration.

2: No porn, gore, or shock images

This is mostly for the benefit of minors, but I also don't really want to see it. If you try to make me explain what qualifies as porn, you will be ejected into space.

3: Don't be disruptive

Don't spam, post inflammatory garbage, repeatedly recenter conversation around yourself, or spread single thoughts over twenty one-word messages.

Also, while #real-talk is provided for serious conversation and emotional support, this server is not a crisis hotline. Do not use randoms on the Internet as a substitute for law enforcement, psychiatric treatment, or legal counsel—we're probably bad at it and you're not paying us.

4: No unmarked spoilers for recent releases

When in doubt, use ROT13 to encode potential spoilers!

Use your best judgement—a 90-minute movie might get a few weeks of protection, a 90-hour JRPG might deserve a few months. High-profile releases may get a spoiler containment channel so people can speak freely. Box art, official trailers, and opening-act plot details are not spoilers.

5: Use the right text channels

Don't know what a channel is for? Read the topic, it's at the top of the window.

If conversation naturally shifts to something that would fit better in another channel, you can keep chatting, but consider moving to the correct channel if other conversations are taking place or if you've got a lot to say.

6: Please fucking follow Discord TOS

I am required to list this somewhere so I don't get banned for pinning MEGA links to arcade rips.

HITBOX DIMENSION rules exist so that everyone can have a Positive Chat Experience™. Most of these are common sense for any online community, but I like to have them written down to make sure people know what's up.

Violating these rules will get you a warning. If staff get tired of warning you, you will be kicked, but you're free to rejoin after reflecting on why you got kicked. If you have to get kicked more than once, you are probably getting banned instead.

These rules are meant to represent a culture, and they won't always be exhaustive. If you're concerned that someone is violating the rules or otherwise sabotaging the Positive Chat Experience™, you can ping staff publicly or contact them in private.

Thanks for reading, or if you skipped to the bottom for a TL;DR, go fuck yourself. Enjoy the HITBOX DIMENSION.