HITBOX DIMENSION is a relaxed place to talk about things that aren't shit. The rules are simple, and if you're a well-adjusted human being you probably don't need to read them, but if shit hits the fan, this is the book I'm throwing at you.


  • Gore or shock images
  • Porn—I don't age gate this place
  • Content that's illegal in the United States
  • Anything related to Elsword, unless I'm painfully reminiscing like a former football star knocking trophies off their bookshelves in a drunken rage

Aside from that, just be chill. If you're not disruptive, we're not gonna have problems. Don't spam, don't constantly recenter conversation around yourself, and back off if people aren't responding well to what you post. Y'know, just normal human stuff.

Oh, and try to keep things in the right channels.

  • #general: Anything that you're allowed to talk about. This chat moves pretty fast, and you probably shouldn't use it for anything you want serious and well-reasoned discussion on.
  • #fightan: Talk about fighting games. It's also used for discussion of versus puzzlers???
  • #shootan: Talk about shooters, whether first-person or third-person.
  • #topdecking: Talk about card games. Expect a lot of angry Shadowverse screenshots.
  • #catgirls-online: Containment chat for FFXIV.
  • #absolute-suffering: Containment chat for mobage.
  • #real-talk: For serious conversations or sensitive subjects. This channel is more heavily moderated than #general—if you're not being constructive, you probably shouldn't post.
  • #shitposting: Containment chat for image dumps, memes, and random garbage—plus talking to AppleBot if you want. This channel is mostly unmoderated, use your best judgement.
  • #whales: Secret Illuminati channel for Patreon supporters and Twitch subscribers only. Highly classified and extremely homosexual.

If the topic naturally shifts to something that would fit better in another channel, you can continue the conversation, but consider moving to the correct channel if other conversations are taking place, or if you've got a lot to say.

That's it. Thanks for reading, or if you skipped to the bottom for a TL;DR, go fuck yourself. Enjoy the HITBOX DIMENSION.