Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks for reading this! You are now part of a small, elite club of people who actually take the time to look around before inadvertently wasting my time. You're cool.

How can I contact you?

My business email is listed on my YouTube page. You can also hit me up on Twitter, ping me on Discord at TyroneSama#3292, or just catch me during a stream.

When do you stream?

My current schedule is listed on my Twitch page.

What equipment do you use?

I use an i7 4790 and GTX 970, driving a BenQ XL2411 and Asus VS228H-P. My keyboard is a CM Storm Quickfire Rapid, with MX Brown switches, and my mouse is a Rival 700. I use a Logitech C920 for my main facecam, and a PlayStation Eye for my handcam. Speakers are some generic Logitech trash.

What software do you use?

I capture video and stream using OBS Studio, and edit in Vegas 14. For most voiceover or broadcast work, I use reaplugs and TLS Maximizer: for more complex audio stuff, I use REAPER in post.

What's with your eyes? You look tired.

I was born without eyelid muscles! I've had a few corrective surgeries that basically rigged my eyebrows up to my eyelids using a muscle graft: that's how I open and close my eyes now. You'll notice the way my eyebrows bob when I blink if you're paying attention. The workaround isn't perfect, but it's definitely better than nothing.

What happened to Elsword?

I don't play Elsword anymore. It's an awful game that was doomed from the start by an abusive payment model and the PvE/PvP divide. It stopped being fun, and I stopped playing. If you want to hear me talk about this in a little more depth, try this.

Where's the Rena folder?


Reflex Arena

What widgets do you use?

My main HUD is mostly default widgets and curtHUD, with Brandon's Awards and Brandon's Killfeed for polish. The nameplates are a modified version of this thing, and spectator timers are somewhere in Snowy's widget package. I also sometimes use AccelMeter and KovSpeedometer when racing.

What servers do you host?

I host a single server that runs whatever gamemode I feel like playing at the time. Press ~ to open the console, then type "connect" to join. If you see "Hitbox Dimension" in the server list, that's us!


Banner Sword decklist?

Don't play Banner. It is actually fucking awful, the dead T4 kills your momentum in anything but the freest games.

Aggro Sword decklist?

I've had the most success with ISeeStars's "It Ends At 5" sword. Decklist here.

Midrange Sword decklist?

It's a netdeck. If you don't know what's in it, just play for about 5 seconds at AA rank or higher, you'll see it at least once.


How the fuck do I play this?

I threw together a quick guide, it might help.

What server are you playing on?

I host a handful of servers for gametypes and maps I like to play. Search "Hitbox Dimension" on Doomseeker to find them. #PlayLessComplex

Path of Exile

Where's your profile?


How does The Fuckerstriker work?

Life-based Inquisitor using Oro's Sacrifice. Deals 100% fire damage and ignores resistances, and since crits force status ailments, there's no need to stack ignite chance to sustain frenzy charges.

How does The Riverdancer work?

Abberath's Hooves Assassin with Voidbringers, corrupted for Elemental Weakness on hit. Scales using added flat damage and crit multiplier. Vaal Righteous Fire is used to delete most bosses.

Phantasy Star Online 2

Where do I download this game?

Visit Arks Layer for information on getting the game up and running. Don't get baited by the torrent download, it's outdated as fuck.

What ship/server are you on?

Ship02. Most of the English community plays here.

How can I play PSO2 in English?

Visit Arks Layer for information on the English translation patch.

What's your referral number?

12767393. Use this when you create a character and we'll both get some bonuses as you level!

My ISP blocks PSO2, how can I play?

Check out CyberKitsune's PSO2Proxy.


What theme do you use?

I use a slightly modified version of Til Death, the default theme included with Etterna. Poke around in metrics.ini if you want to modify your combo display and/or hit position like mine.

What noteskin do you use?

I use a modified version of wafles3 with DivideByZero's holds and mines: get it here.

Where do you get your song packs?

Here, courtesy of the FFR forums.